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Spirit Mediumship Gallery with Rich Braconi
Thursday February 15, 2018     6:30pm
Rich Braconi is a self-taught and self- learned Spirit Medium, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor.  Through his own self effort, he learned how to quiet his mind and shift his spirit to the forefront of his life.  During this process, he slowly began to develop and understand an energetic based language that is universal to everyone’s spirit.  As a result, Rich has learned to communicate with spiritual sources of great wisdom as well as spirits of family, friends and loved ones.  Rich has also learned how to spiritually sense physical imbalances contained within a physical body, see past lives and future events.  Rich is a retired undercover narcotic detective who now offers and hosts Spirit Mediumship Galleries, Spiritual Events and Spiritual Workshops.  For his abilities as a Spirit Medium, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor, Rich has appeared on CBS Television, Fox Television and Internet radio

Spirit Mediumship Gallery

February 15, 2018  6:30pm 

Tickets: $35.00 per person (plus small PayPal fee)

 limited to 20 people 


Call: 609-298-7673

Text: 609-433-7624


Love & Blessings to ALL!

In this 2 hour Spirit Mediumship Gallery, self-taught Spirit Medium and Medical Intuitive Rich Braconi will connect with family, loved ones and friends who have passed from your life. People who have passed from our life often ascend to a higher existence where love and the truth is their greatest influence. In this spirit form, they only share the truth about themselves and their life here on earth. During the gallery, spirits will share details about themselves, their death, meaningful people to them, past moments within their life and often true insight of future events. Rich’s unique abilities also allow him to relay deep spiritual messages. Messages of personal guidance and love that are often very meaningful to your life. The spiritual messages that Rich shares are often filled with universal wisdom and contain a profound insight that everyone present will find spiritually inspiring and beneficial to their own life. Rich will attempt to read as many attendee’s as possible but there is no guarantee that everyone will receive a personal reading.

Location for Celestial Gatherings:

The Home of Lucinda and Vann Weller     
574 US Highway 206 Trenton, NJ 08610

It IS Bordentown but we have a Trenton mailing address.


NOTE: we have STREET PARKING, Kindly car pool when able

Suggestion: if attending with friends, perhaps you could meet in the Bordentown Shop Right parking lot and car pool over. It’s just 5 minutes away.

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