Rev. Richard Malz Light Worker & Healer

Gallery of Healing & Spirit Messages  DATE TBD

8f05b7_b00094315d1f40b79963b73979c4fdad~mv2Rev. Richard Malz  Light Worker & Healer

Rev. Richard Malz is a Light Worker & Healer who also facilitates group workshops on various topics.  These include Shielding and Grounding Your Energy, Past Life Connections: Blessing or Burden?, Building Resilience in a Chaotic World, Drumming, Clarity (Discovering What You REALLY Want), Creating a Clean Slate and much more.   Workshops can include mini gallery readings/healing sessions for each participant as well.  Time for half hour or hour individual sessions may also be allotted at the end of the day / next day.  Workshops can be set up at nearly any location, inside or outside, for any number of people.

Read about Richard’s Amazing Spiritual Journey HERE!

Gallery of Healing & Spirit Messages  TBD, 2017  7:00pm

at Celestial Gatherings in Trenton, NJ (see ticket page)

Tickets $35.00 (+small fee)


Richard will be available for Individual Healing Sessions

TBD, 2017  

(same location. see ticket page)

call for specific time 609-298-7673 or email

Note: While at the Expo’s Richard’s fees are $175.00 for the Hour and $100.00 for a half hour. He is, very kindly, giving us a special rate (see below).

Individual Healing Session Tickets: One Hour $125.00; Half Hour $75.00

Individual Healing Session INFO. click here



“Having known this exceptionally talented practitioner for around 20 years now, I can honestly say that he has magick in his hands. His massage and energy working skills have contributed to my being alive and functioning healthily. I cannot emphasize enough just how wonderful his technique and skill level are! He truly is a life saver and one of my great heroes!” – Richard J. Treitner


“Several years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and one of my afflictions is severe stress and tension in my neck and shoulder area. Unfortunately, this results in constant discomfort and headaches.  Being the intuitive, soulful man Richard is, he would take me aside and use his hands to draw away the pain. I don’t know what he does exactly, but it is absolutely wonderful! I become pain free, energized, and this feeling lasts for weeks afterward! Richard’s Healing Touch is truly amazing!” – Susan M.


At 39 years of age, after the first play of a weekend basketball game, I found myself unable to walk due to a fully torn Achilles tendon.
The next morning I went to the orthopedist and was given the following chronologic scenario for this injury, as is the normal course based on history: 1) Immediate Surgery, 2) Casting of my leg to the knee for the next 6 to 8 weeks, 3) This would be followed by 6 months of physical therapy, and 4) Then finally I would have convalesced to the point of normal gait.

About one week after the surgery I met Richard at a function, he asked me what had happened and I explained.  He then asked me if I would mind if he performed a small noninvasive procedure on my leg.  I asked him what he was going to do and he told me that he was a Reiki Master and that he would perform Reiki on my leg.  Being skeptical at the time, I replied, “Reiki, it sounds more like Crazy to me, but if you want to try to heal my leg with this Reiki, give it a try”.  He then seemed to put himself into a prayer like state.  He asked me to extend my leg, and barely touching my cast he put his hands on either side of the cast.  Within seconds of him doing this, I felt an intense heat in my leg through the cast that was inexplicable to me at the moment.  Richard then told me that this heat had been the transference of healing energy from his body to my leg.  Not yet a believer, I said, “OK THEN, THANKS”!!!

About a week and a half later I went to my doctor to have the wound from the surgery checked and the cast changed.  The doctor examined my leg and started to ask me numerous questions as to what I had done in the last two and half weeks that may have caused the healing process to advance so quickly.  He said that the normal recovery period for one to achieve this level of convalescence would require another three to five weeks in a cast, followed by six months of physical therapy.   Not only did he not put me in another cast for the next three to five weeks, I did not need to do any of the normal physical therapy.  The doctor told me that, in all of his years of practice, and they were numerous, he had never seen this rate of recovery from this injury and consequent surgery.

I can only attribute this miraculous recovery to the work that Richard had done just a short time earlier.  Although I was a bit skeptical prior, I AM A TRUE BELIEVER IN THE HEALING POWERS THAT RICHARD POSSESES.  – Douglas Kaplan


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