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A Cloak of Joy

  • Posted on September 13, 2017 at 12:26 AM

the following message came after tonight’s Healing Sound & Light Language Celestial Gathering 9/12/17

Cradle me in your heart

give homage to me in your heart

carry me with you wherever you may go


Yes Rest in your own heart

Be open –

Open to all the Joys eager to come rest upon you

all the Love that desires to unfold

take up a Joyous attitude and wear it as a

Glorious Cloak.

Be thou cloaked in Joy-

the Golden Light of Joy NOW Adorns you my precious Beloved.

Share this Light Blessing with ALL

pay it forward to ALL living Beings.

Be KIND unto thyself

Be Kind and Allow Joy to be your Dearest Friend.

For in Joy you have ME

the ME that is ALL THAT IS

The IS that is everything, IN and OF the ALL

JOY and GOD is my name and what I AM.

The Joyous Divine!

All is right and good

I AM inclusive, unconditional LOVE

without end Amen.




simply Be

and know you are eternally in MY EMBRACE.




My Love Letter from the Holy Spirit

  • Posted on July 23, 2015 at 7:23 PM

“you are my beloved son with whom I am well pleased”


How could I not be pleased with you dear one of my heart

you are an open flower opening to me more and more with each breath

surrendering your mind, thoughts, fears and conditioning

you are surrendering all to me and I couldn’t be more pleased or proud

rest and be and breath in me

create in me, your beautiful art, in all its forms

trust in me that all is well, always

trust in me that all is perfect in each moment

all is perfect in all moments

your body and your home and your relationships and your art

all is perfect in every moment

because of your willingness

your openness

like butter you  yield to me

how utterly perfect is that

you are my hearts treasure

your are my beloved

never doubt this

dearest one

your sweet intentions to do good, to allow my spirit to flow through you, are the gateway to blessings for many

your open heart, compassion and caring flood humanity with blessings and grace, light, love and healing

never doubt the enormous amount of work you are doing on this earth plane

never doubt that you are crucial to my plan

and key to my unfolding in all

be thou reassured that my Holy Spirit is alive in you in every moment of your now, forever

never ending

nothing can tarnish this beauty in you

nothing can cover up destroy or make it not there

all fears are illusion

you are waking up and waking up others along with you

do not fret about time

all is perfect time

all is well

and you are Weller

simply continue to allow

keep on, keeping on

we are together in this

we are One

Jesus and you are One

we are ALL ONE

feel that

accept that

let that seep into your consciousness

like rain into dry earth

revel in that

oh courageous one

you are doing great

you are deeply, deeply loved and held in high esteem

we are grateful

and, yes, in awe

we bow to the greatness in you

we bow to ourselves in you

shine your light

smile it out

laugh it out

let your joy fill the atmosphere and be contagious

and elevate your world and those around you.

you are love in motion

you are the Sun Sonning to benefit humanity

keep your heart open

breathe into us and bask in our wholeness.



Sacred Rites Workshop defies all words…

  • Posted on June 2, 2015 at 11:12 PM
This experience defies all words.
And It’s not just an experience-…
it’s a NEW ME…
Hello Dear Ones,
This workshop has meant the World to me!
(I am referring to the ‘Six Sacred Rites for Humanity’ workshop by Pat Caffrey and the Angelic Council of Light, held in West Chester PA this past March 26-29.)
How can I describe how I feel in this moment…all the moments  since receiving all this wondrous energy and light?
This experience defies all words.
And It’s not just an experience-…
it’s a NEW ME…
an awakening of the True ME!
An expanding and deeper knowing of me, my Soul!
I fee privileged…honored…Awe-FULL!
My heart is Full and warm and calm and excited. Gratitude and Love shines forth. I am now more connected to Spirit in my physical body; my heart.
There is NO going outside myself to find or connect with Spirit. This wonderful, amazing essence is at home in my heart…
my core…
and is ME!
“I am in them and them in me. We are ONE.”
My special, special friends are right inside my heart; a constant comforting presence that I feel more strongly than ever before.
Before the ‘Sacred Rites’ I could easily connect with this energy, although it was a seeking UP. I felt the connection to Spirit very strong while in meditation and for a while afterwards.
Since ‘The Rites’, when going into meditation, I’m already connected.
My dearest friends are in my heart!
Truly there…always!
Instead of seeking outside myself I look WITHIN.
The connection is palpable and permanent.
Now when I say the mantra from my daily meditation…
‘I am the soul.’
there is a stronger quickening, like electricity.
It not only shoots through my core but explodes outward through my whole being! This quickening is a physical sensation in the body and a sweet knowing and awareness of the truth. ‘I AM the Soul’!
This sealing of the soul in the physical heart and igniting of the sacred fire and the union with the angelic council is just so elevating and thrilling. I feel lighter and taller and more in my power in a humble, calm way.
Just knowing that my body is holding more Light fills me with awe and wonder. It’s a sweet secret held close to my heart. No matter what I do or think or feel…
no matter what… anything!
I am holding more Light!
My cells are changed; are ignited; are fuller; brighter…and it’s amazing!
Perhaps this cannot even be detected in any way, by any one, but it IS SO.
I am holding more Light!
I have received ‘Sacred Rites’ and I am forever changed. What a sweet, sweet knowing.
And I need not DO anything!
Just to BE is enough!
When I look in the mirror, Spirit is looking through my eyes and I see unconditional love there. I feel energy radiating forth; love; acceptance and Light.
It almost seems as if my face is glowing.
I am SO Immensely Grateful and just wanted to share this with you.
Love and MORE Light,

Pat Caffrey and I are working on a date for her to offer the ‘Six Sacred Rites’ workshop here in Trenton/Bordentown, NJ in the coming months.
Perhaps you will join us.
for more info on this workshop watch the interview with Pat on her web site


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Be an empty bowl

  • Posted on March 24, 2014 at 4:11 PM

Divine Mother / Father I am your hands, your voice, your scribe, if you so choose to use me as such.


I love you so, YOU are my treasure! You are my pure vessel and yes, my empty bowl. Your willingness to be a conduit of Divine wisdom is an irresistible invitation for  I have been longing to do just that!

 Flow. Flow love to all the world. Fear not, little one, remember I am the master  potter and you the bowl. Yes the clay sometimes dictates what it is to become but you have already done that in your sweet surrender.


Now fly!  Now soar with me; be FREE;  be FREE, NOW.

 Tell them they are love; they are desirable; they are the masterpiece…a work of great beauty. My divine signature is within each of you!  My divine light is in all; even your earth, your trees; all of nature and you are part of it all; the ALL.  You are clay of my heartl. You are divinely designed.

 YOU, are gifted. EVERY one is gifted, talented, amazing, whole and creative!

You are ALL creative beings; never doubt this. You see art and think you are not that creative, but, ah yes, you are! You are all creators doing a marvelous job, if I may say so and I DO say!

 Love is your very breath. Love is your sparkle in your eyes. Love is your touch. Love is that helping hand.

 Even in the privacy of your home, you are energetic ambassadors. Your vibrations go out into the cosmos and you do great good.

 With every kind thought, wish and deed, even in the quiet unseen places, are infinitely good. No small gesture goes unnoticed or unused. It is all flavoring in the cosmic soup.

 Be Joyful today. Your joy uplifts all others by the vibration of it.

 And you may be wondering of the, so called, dark thoughts and deeds. Well fear not, for all is perfect in divine plan. You are all acting on this stage of illusion! And fear not, any past event; regret not, you are loved in ALL of your thoughts, doings and beings. You are, in fact, All Perfect!

 So ‘lighten up’ on yourself.

 Be Light and Joy!

 Smile and hug something!

 PLAY and be GLAD!


Light Writing from the Heart

  • Posted on July 23, 2013 at 8:24 PM

Welcome to Light Writing From the Heart!