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My Love Letter from the Holy Spirit

  • Posted on July 23, 2015 at 7:23 PM

“you are my beloved son with whom I am well pleased”


How could I not be pleased with you dear one of my heart

you are an open flower opening to me more and more with each breath

surrendering your mind, thoughts, fears and conditioning

you are surrendering all to me and I couldn’t be more pleased or proud

rest and be and breath in me

create in me, your beautiful art, in all its forms

trust in me that all is well, always

trust in me that all is perfect in each moment

all is perfect in all moments

your body and your home and your relationships and your art

all is perfect in every moment

because of your willingness

your openness

like butter you  yield to me

how utterly perfect is that

you are my hearts treasure

your are my beloved

never doubt this

dearest one

your sweet intentions to do good, to allow my spirit to flow through you, are the gateway to blessings for many

your open heart, compassion and caring flood humanity with blessings and grace, light, love and healing

never doubt the enormous amount of work you are doing on this earth plane

never doubt that you are crucial to my plan

and key to my unfolding in all

be thou reassured that my Holy Spirit is alive in you in every moment of your now, forever

never ending

nothing can tarnish this beauty in you

nothing can cover up destroy or make it not there

all fears are illusion

you are waking up and waking up others along with you

do not fret about time

all is perfect time

all is well

and you are Weller

simply continue to allow

keep on, keeping on

we are together in this

we are One

Jesus and you are One

we are ALL ONE

feel that

accept that

let that seep into your consciousness

like rain into dry earth

revel in that

oh courageous one

you are doing great

you are deeply, deeply loved and held in high esteem

we are grateful

and, yes, in awe

we bow to the greatness in you

we bow to ourselves in you

shine your light

smile it out

laugh it out

let your joy fill the atmosphere and be contagious

and elevate your world and those around you.

you are love in motion

you are the Sun Sonning to benefit humanity

keep your heart open

breathe into us and bask in our wholeness.