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Sacred Rites Workshop defies all words…

  • Posted on June 2, 2015 at 11:12 PM
This experience defies all words.
And It’s not just an experience-…
it’s a NEW ME…
Hello Dear Ones,
This workshop has meant the World to me!
(I am referring to the ‘Six Sacred Rites for Humanity’ workshop by Pat Caffrey and the Angelic Council of Light, held in West Chester PA this past March 26-29.)
How can I describe how I feel in this moment…all the moments  since receiving all this wondrous energy and light?
This experience defies all words.
And It’s not just an experience-…
it’s a NEW ME…
an awakening of the True ME!
An expanding and deeper knowing of me, my Soul!
I fee privileged…honored…Awe-FULL!
My heart is Full and warm and calm and excited. Gratitude and Love shines forth. I am now more connected to Spirit in my physical body; my heart.
There is NO going outside myself to find or connect with Spirit. This wonderful, amazing essence is at home in my heart…
my core…
and is ME!
“I am in them and them in me. We are ONE.”
My special, special friends are right inside my heart; a constant comforting presence that I feel more strongly than ever before.
Before the ‘Sacred Rites’ I could easily connect with this energy, although it was a seeking UP. I felt the connection to Spirit very strong while in meditation and for a while afterwards.
Since ‘The Rites’, when going into meditation, I’m already connected.
My dearest friends are in my heart!
Truly there…always!
Instead of seeking outside myself I look WITHIN.
The connection is palpable and permanent.
Now when I say the mantra from my daily meditation…
‘I am the soul.’
there is a stronger quickening, like electricity.
It not only shoots through my core but explodes outward through my whole being! This quickening is a physical sensation in the body and a sweet knowing and awareness of the truth. ‘I AM the Soul’!
This sealing of the soul in the physical heart and igniting of the sacred fire and the union with the angelic council is just so elevating and thrilling. I feel lighter and taller and more in my power in a humble, calm way.
Just knowing that my body is holding more Light fills me with awe and wonder. It’s a sweet secret held close to my heart. No matter what I do or think or feel…
no matter what… anything!
I am holding more Light!
My cells are changed; are ignited; are fuller; brighter…and it’s amazing!
Perhaps this cannot even be detected in any way, by any one, but it IS SO.
I am holding more Light!
I have received ‘Sacred Rites’ and I am forever changed. What a sweet, sweet knowing.
And I need not DO anything!
Just to BE is enough!
When I look in the mirror, Spirit is looking through my eyes and I see unconditional love there. I feel energy radiating forth; love; acceptance and Light.
It almost seems as if my face is glowing.
I am SO Immensely Grateful and just wanted to share this with you.
Love and MORE Light,

Pat Caffrey and I are working on a date for her to offer the ‘Six Sacred Rites’ workshop here in Trenton/Bordentown, NJ in the coming months.
Perhaps you will join us.
for more info on this workshop watch the interview with Pat on her web site


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