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Be an empty bowl

  • Posted on March 24, 2014 at 4:11 PM

Divine Mother / Father I am your hands, your voice, your scribe, if you so choose to use me as such.


I love you so, YOU are my treasure! You are my pure vessel and yes, my empty bowl. Your willingness to be a conduit of Divine wisdom is an irresistible invitation for  I have been longing to do just that!

 Flow. Flow love to all the world. Fear not, little one, remember I am the master  potter and you the bowl. Yes the clay sometimes dictates what it is to become but you have already done that in your sweet surrender.


Now fly!  Now soar with me; be FREE;  be FREE, NOW.

 Tell them they are love; they are desirable; they are the masterpiece…a work of great beauty. My divine signature is within each of you!  My divine light is in all; even your earth, your trees; all of nature and you are part of it all; the ALL.  You are clay of my heartl. You are divinely designed.

 YOU, are gifted. EVERY one is gifted, talented, amazing, whole and creative!

You are ALL creative beings; never doubt this. You see art and think you are not that creative, but, ah yes, you are! You are all creators doing a marvelous job, if I may say so and I DO say!

 Love is your very breath. Love is your sparkle in your eyes. Love is your touch. Love is that helping hand.

 Even in the privacy of your home, you are energetic ambassadors. Your vibrations go out into the cosmos and you do great good.

 With every kind thought, wish and deed, even in the quiet unseen places, are infinitely good. No small gesture goes unnoticed or unused. It is all flavoring in the cosmic soup.

 Be Joyful today. Your joy uplifts all others by the vibration of it.

 And you may be wondering of the, so called, dark thoughts and deeds. Well fear not, for all is perfect in divine plan. You are all acting on this stage of illusion! And fear not, any past event; regret not, you are loved in ALL of your thoughts, doings and beings. You are, in fact, All Perfect!

 So ‘lighten up’ on yourself.

 Be Light and Joy!

 Smile and hug something!

 PLAY and be GLAD!